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Rug Cleaning in Pinner HA5

Rug cleanerIf you’ve chosen our Pinner cleaners, they’ll start with an examination of the rug. Then they will check for stains, and pre-treat them with an eco-friendly solution. To maintain precious natural weaves safe from downsizing and other water-based problems we work with an enzymatic dry cleaning powder. The heavy stained rugs are spot-treated and then steam cleaned.

Whichever method we use, you’ll be happy with the results. Book our rug cleaning service on 020 3404 5461.

Dedicated Experts Who Work to For Great Results

No matter if you’re searching for a gentle refreshing procedure or a more rigorous approach, we provide a rug cleaning that fits you. We’ve made our services to suit modern demands even when we’re working on antique rugs, so expect to have:

  • A visit that suits your schedule, including weekends
  • Free quotes at any time of the day or night
  • Pick-up and delivery service when you don’t want your rug to be washed at home
  • Certified cleaners who’ll choose the best cleaning technique and detergents


No matter what kind of fabric your rug is, we have the right solution to clean it. Usually we use these methods:

  • Hot Water Extraction for
  • wool, nylon, polyester, acrylic, polypropylene

  • Dry Cleaning Method for
  • cotton, jute, hessian, coir, sisal

Rug Cleaning at the Most Affordable Prices

Our rug cleaning in Pinner can be done on-site or we can carry your rugs away, whatever is most convenient for you. If we do the job at your house or office, we’ll start by ensuring that the rug is completely uncovered and any furniture is carefully moved aside. Any spots and high traffic places will be pre-treated and we’ll then dry or steam clean it depending on the rug’s materials and state. You’ll be left with an area rug that you could be proud of!

Luxury Rug Cleaning in Pinner HA5

Rug cleaning – particularly of valuable Oriental and Persian rugs – is not for the non-professionals. Whether you’ve got one of those kinds of area rugs, or when you want a top quality cleaning for your home or workplace, our service plan for rug cleaning in Pinner is the one that you need to have. We provide some of the most flexible bookings on the market, like same-day and emergency bookings.

We Will Clean All Kinds of Fabrics

Contact us now by phone or online. Call 020 3404 5461 and we will answer all your questions about us and our services. You can also write your information into our contact form and we’ll give you an answer right away. Don’t know when to get in touch with us? That’s not an issue, we’re available 24 hours a day. Call us!

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Enjoy one of the finest rug cleaning services in HA5 area with our tried and tested nine-step cleaning method. Our rug specialists have undergone extensive training and are fully certified and insured. They are famous for their experience, know-how and passion for outstanding cleaning results. Call 020 3404 5461 !
Our detergents are child and pet safe and they keep your rug smooth and clean.